This archive is an initiative of the National Transitional Justice Working Group (NTJWG) which is designed to bring to one central place Zimbabwe’s human rights story, one step at a time. The journey of this archive dates as far back as October 2012, when stakeholders at the 2012 International Transitional Justice Conference on Zimbabwe resolved that Zimbabwe’s history, truth and justice needs required a coordinated collaborative archival process.

Giving a keynote address at the conference, Dr. Undine Whande said, “There is a need to create spaces where Zimbabwe can have the conversation about itself – past, present and future – as it becomes possible and especially across generations, with young people.”

This is why we are creating the Human Rights Archive Zimbabwe, to promote the use of a centralised, publicly accessible digital human rights information centre for Zimbabwe; while at the same time strengthening the capacity of Zimbabwe’s transitional justice actors to undertake purposive archiving for truth, memory, justice and accountability. Through the Archive, stakeholders are able to digitise and make accessible past human rights materials, so as to identify,address gaps and publicise Human Rights Violations for constituencies inadequately documented through the collection of new human rights information.

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  • BULAWAYO - Transitional Justice Dialogue Series | 19 March 2019 

    National Transitional Justice Working Group (The National Transitional Justice Working Group, 2019-03-19)
    National Dialogue: The African Transitional Justice Experience (LESSONS FOR ZIMBABWE) Speakers: Ms Yasmin Sooka & Mr. T Guzura Chaired by Paul Themba Nyathi
  • 2019 Annual Stakeholders Conference 

    National Transitional Justice Working Group (The National Transitional Justice Working Group, 2019-08-29)
    On 29 August 2019, the NTJWG convened a stakeholders’ conference. The conference was attended by 120 delegates from across the country. The conference began by drawing lessons from the NTJWG’s five years of programme ...
  • ZimRights Channel Intro 

    Zimbabwe Human Rights Association (ZimRights, 2020-07-07)
    Introduction to The ZimRights Live Channel
  • Jestina Mukoko Interview - #BeTheChampion4Rights 

    Zimbabwe Human Rights Association (ZimRights, 2020-09-28)
    Jestina Mukoko is a Zimbabwean human rights activist and the director of the Zimbabwe Peace Project. She is a journalist by training and a former newsreader with the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation.In March 2010 Jestina ...
  • Dzikamai Bere (National Director) ZimRightsLIVE Launch Speech 

    Zimbabwe Human Rights Association (ZimRights, 2020-09-28)
    The ZimRights National Director - Dzikamai Bere introducing ZimRightsLIVE on the International Day for Universal Access to Information.

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