Recent Submissions

  • Know your Rights Brochure: INHERITANCE Under Customary Law & General 

    Legal Resources Foundation (L, 2019-12-30)
    This pamphlet gives you some basic facts on customary law and general law inheritance when a person dies without writing a will.

    Legal Resources Foundation (LRF, 2019-12-30)
    This pamphlet is meant to provide information on the termination of a pregnancy in accordance with the law of Zimbabwe. It specifically focuses on the provisions of the Termination of Pregnancy Act with emphasis on when, ...
  • Know your Rights Brochure: SEXUAL CRIMES 

    Legal Resources Foundation (LRF, 2019-12-30)
    This pamphlet is in two parts. Part A gives you information on what a sexual crime is and various sexual crimes that are committed in different situations, for example: n Where one of the people participating has been ...
  • Know your Rights Brochure: MARRIAGE AND THE LAW 

    Legal Resources Foundation (LRF, 2019-12-30)
    This booklet is for people who are planning to marry. It explains the advantages and disadvantages of different types of marriages in Zimbabwe. People who are already married may also find this information helpful, if ...
  • Know your Rights Brochure:DOMESTIC VIOLENCE, with Protection order Sample 

    Legal Resources Foundation (LRF, 2019-12-30)
    This pamphlet contains information on all the Acts of Domestic Violence which should be punishable under the law. This pamphlet also has information on the causes of domestic violence. The legal solutions include obtaining ...
  • Know your Rights Brochure:DOMESTIC VIOLENCE 

    Legal Resources Foundation (LRF, 2019-12-30)
    The new definition of Domestic Violence is wide. This wide definition covers physical violence as in the case of assault, sexual and mental abuse as well as other forms of abuse such as economic abuse and abuse caused ...
  • Politically Motivated Rape in Zimbabwe 

    Reaserch and Advocacy Unit (RAU, 2020-05-19)
    The alleged abduction and torture of the three young MDC Alliance women on 13 May 2020 includes one very serious issue, politically motivated rape. Whatever the facts that may emerge about the perpetrators, it is clear ...
  • Children and violence paper final 25 July 2013 

    RAU (RAU, 2013-07)
    The report contains research about violence that occurs after elections and how it is generally more violent than pre-election violence, and is mostly precipitated by the challengers.
  • Magaya v. Magaya 

    Customary Law And Human Rights (Zimbabwe Government, 1999-12)
    Appellant applied to be designated heir on grounds that only male issues are entitled under customary law to be nominated heirs. Community Court appointed Appellant but Respondent appealed on ground that not all family ...

    Amnesty International (Amnesty International, 2011-06)
    This briefing reflects Amnesty International’s information on human rights violations committed during and after mass forced evictions carried out in 2005. The program of forced evictions was carried out across the country, ...
  • Age of Consent, Sexual Intercourse with Young Persons and Access to Sexual and Reproductive Health Care in Zimbabwe 

    Justice for Children (Justice for Children, 2019-06)
    Issues of age of consent, having sexual intercourse with young persons and access to sexual and reproductive health services cannot be separated. They are intertwined. For that reason, this publication seeks to give an ...
  • Anna Dzimano v 1. Constable Dzimano 2. Zimbabwe Republic Police 

    Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission (Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission, 2017-12)
    This report contains findings of the Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission (ZHRC/Commission), pursuant to an investigation undertaken by the ZHRC into a complaint alleging violation of the rights of arrested and detained persons ...