Recent Submissions

  • Quotas or Proportional Representation? A Selective Review of the Evidence. 

    Reaserch and Advocacy Unit (RAU, 2020-03-20)
    Increasing women’s representation in the parliaments of the world has become an increasing field of debate: not about whether this should happen anymore, but rather about what is the most effective method to achieving this. ...
  • Raising her Voice Booklet Final Black and White Print 

    JUSTICE FOR CHILDREN TRUST (Justice for Children, 2013-12)
    This booklet is a collection of stories of child survivors of sexual violence. The project was commissioned by the Justice for Children with the aim of raising awareness of the experiences of child victims of sexual abuse ...
  • Between a rock and a hard place – women human rights defenders at risk 

    AI (AI, 2007-03)
    This report focuses on the circumstances of women human rights defenders in Zimbabwe. It explores their motivations and objectives. It documents human rights violations experienced by women human rights defenders, and the ...
  • 2007 07 05 Zim NATIONAL HIV VACCINE Policy Guidelines draft1V 

    Ministry of Health and Child Welfare (Ministry of Health and Child Welfare, 2007-05)
    The purpose of this document is to provide guidance to government and non governmental sectors and scientific groups in Zimbabwe working with international,regional and national stakeholders and communities in the development ...
  • Pastoral letter on family fov 2016 

    Zimbabwe Catholic Bishops Conference (2016-10)
    The message is meant to cheer and encourage, fill with hope, to give praise, understanding and support to all married couples and families.