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  • Unprotected Migrants Zimbabweans in South Africa’s Limpopo Province 

    Human Rights Watch (Human Rights Watch, 2006-07)
    The report is based on a Human Rights Watch mission to Limpopo province in April and May 2006. Because of the historical predominance of Zimbabwean migrants on farms in the far north of Limpopo province and the increasing ...
  • Zimbabwe's Land Reform Booklet Web 

    Scoones, Ian; Marongwe, Nelso; Mavedzenge, Blasio; Mahenehene, Jacob; Sukume, Chrispen (2000-02)
    The report shows findings from the study area of Masvingo pertaining to who got the land during the land reform program and whether they are utilizing it or not.
  • Land Reform and Property rights in Zimbabwe 

    Zimbabwe Human Rights NGO Forum (Zimbabwe Human Rights NGO Forum, 2010-04)
    The report talks of the forceful eviction of commercial white farmers during the fast track land reform process and how it was one of the primary drivers of Zimbabwe's sudden economic downfall. The process was characterized ...
  • The Aftermath of a Disastrous Venture A Follow up report on Operation Murambatsvina 

    Zimbabwe Human Rights NGO Forum (2005-06)
    This report traces developments that have taken place since our June report and gives an overview of the main consequences of Operation Murambatsvina since it commenced on 19 May 2005. It also locates the Operation in the ...
  • Operation Murambatsvina and its effects on political participation. final 17 May 2017 

    MPOI and RAU (MPOI and RAU, 2005-05)
    A report demonstrating a recent study on risk aversion, Operation Murambatsvina [OM] had severe effects upon the population of Zimbabwe (Masunungure et al. 2017). The percentage of Zimbabweans that reported being “risk ...
  • Rural Land Act [Chapter 20 18], 2003 

    Government of Zimbabwe (Government of Zimbabwe, 2004-03)
    AN ACT to provide for the acquisition of State land and the disposal of State land; to provide for the control of the subdivision and lease of land for farming or other purposes; to provide for limiting of the number of ...
  • “Clear the Filth”-Mass Evictions and Demolitions in Zimbabwe 

    Human Rights Watch (Human Rights Watch, 2005-09)
    The Zimbabwean authorities claimed that the destruction of homes and other properties is part of a long-term plan to clean up the urban areas, restore order, rid the cities of criminal elements and restore dignity to the people.
  • Meltdown: Murambatsvina One Year On. 

    Solidarity Peace Trust (Solidarity Peace Trust, 2006-08)
    Between 1991 and 2003, urban poverty trebled in Zimbabwe. It was against this background of escalating economic collapse and social disintegration that “Operation Murambatsvina” (OM), or “Discarding the Filth”, took place ...
  • Effective Human Rights- Based Housing strategies 

    Amnesty International (Amnesty International, 2017-12)
    Amnesty International welcomes the initiative by the United Nations (UN) Special Rapporteur on adequate housing as a component of the right to an adequate standard of living, and on the right to non discrimination in this ...

    ACTIONAID INTERNATIONAL IN COLLABORATION; COMBINED HARARE RESIDENTS ASSOCIATION (CHRA) (ActionAid International - Combined Harare Residents’ Association, 2005-07)
    This report attempts to give a factual account of the impact Operation Murambatsvina/Restore Order. This is done through analysis of the impact at both household level and community level.
  • Preliminary Report of a Survey on Internally Displaced Persons from Commercial Farms in Zimbabwe. 

    This preliminary report was predicated by the need to provide some hard information on the issues faced by displaced commercial farm workers. It was not the intention that this survey provide any estimate of the numbers, ...
  • “Clear the Filth” : Mass Evictions and Demolitions in Zimbabwe 

    Human Rights Watch (Human Rights Watch, 2005-09)
    This report tells the stories of the mass evictions and house demolitions and the continuing suffering of those affected, mostly in the words of victims. Women, children and men recount how they were forced to destroy their ...
  • BETWEEN A ROCK AND A HARD PLACE : A window on the situation of Zimbabweans living in Gauteng 

    Zimbabwe Torture Victims Project (Zimbabwe Torture Victims Project, 2005-09)
    The ZTVP conducted a ‘snap’ survey of 236 Zimbabweans in 5 different locations of Gauteng during July and early August 2005. None of those interviewed were or are clients of the ZTVP or the related ‘Tree of Life’ healing ...
  • Desperate lives, twilight words: How a million Zimbabweans live Without official sanction or sanctuary in South Africa 

    Solidarity Peace Trust (Solidarity Peace Trust, 2010-03)
    The Crisis of immigration into South Africa is a direct product of the crisis in Zimbabwe, as economic recovery in Zimbabwe is not likely to occur soon, its biggest export will remain its people.
  • A Fractured Nation 

    Solidarity Peace Trust (Solidarity Peace Trust, 2010-07)
    This report follows up on previous OM research conducted by SPT in 2005 and 2006 and build on narratives of the lives of particular families and informal settlements from 2005 to 2010. The story is a grim one with many of ...
  • No War in Zimbabwe 

    Solidarity Peace Trust (Solidarity Peace Trust, 2004-11)
    Zimbabweans are now the second biggest group of foreign Africans in South Africa. Yet there is little formal information available on their situation. Very few are being officially recorded as political refugees. Some ...
  • Perils and Pitfalls-Migrants and deportation in South Africa 

     Solidarity Peace Trust and PASSOP ( Solidarity Peace Trust and PASSOP, 2012-06)
    South Africa receives more asylum seekers than any other country in the world with people mainly coming from Zimbabwe, the DRC, Burundi, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Somalia, as well as from countries further afield to escape poverty, ...
  • Adding insult to injury. A Preliminary Report on Human Rights Violations on Commercial Farms, 2000 to 2005. 

    Zimbabwe Human Rights NGO Forum (Zimbabwe Human Rights NGO Forum, 2007-04)
    Widespread human rights violations were inflicted upon white farmers and black farm workers by agents of Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe’s government during the seizures of whiteowned farms from 2000 to 2005.
  • Order out of Chaos or Chaos out of Order:A Preliminary Report on Operation Murambatsvina 

    Zimbabwe Human Rights NGO Forum (Zimbabwe Human Rights NGO Forum, 2005-06)
    “Operation Murambatsvina” and “Operation Restore Order” are the code names used by the police for a massive operation that began in Zimbabwe towards the end of May. This nationwide campaign, which has been conducted in the ...

    Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission (Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission, 2019-04)
    The Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission (ZHRC) carried out a human rights situation monitoring exercise in Chimanimani and Chipinge districts in Manicaland Province in the aftermath of Cyclone Idai.

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