Recent Submissions

  • Final Report of the Commission of Inquiry 18 DEC 18 

    Government of Zimbabwe (Government of Zimbabwe, 2018-12)
    The report includes Findings and recommendations by the Commission following the 1 August 2018 events.
  • Shutdown Atrocities Report 6 February 2019 

    Zimbabwe Human Rights NGO Forum (Zimbabwe Human Rights NGO Forum, 2019-02)
    The violations of human rights that started as the state’s response to mass protests on 14 January, 2019 following the increase in fuel prices immediately took a widespread systematic character, the dominant actors being ...
  • ZPP August MMR 2018 

    Zimbabwe Peace Project (Zimbabwe Peace Project, 2018-08)
    Picking up the pieces in the aftermath of the elections
  • ZPP March MMR 2017 

    Zimbabwe Peace Project (Zimbabwe Peace Project, 2017-03)
    These are various human rights violations in the month of March. Civic and political rights violations were recorded in both urban areas and rural areas. In urban areas the violations were mainly the denial of the right ...
  • What Happened to the Victims of the Food Riots 19–23 January 1998? 

    Zimbabwe Human Rights NGO Forum (Zimbabwe Human Rights NGO Forum, 2006-06)
    This report provides a summary of the previous reports, with additional information obtained from an analysis of the completed court cases.
  • Constitution Watch 4 2019 Criminal Nuisance and the Right to Protest 

    Commissions Watch (Commissions Watch, 2019-02)
    What is criminal nuisance and how does it affect the right to demonstrate guaranteed by section 59 of the Constitution?
  • Commissions Watch 17 August 2019 UN High Commissisoner for Human Rights on Zimbabwe Demonstrations 

    Commissions Watch (Commissions Watch, 2019-08)
    Statement by Spokesperson for the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights on 16th August 2019 Demonstrations in Harare

    Zimbabwe Human Rights NGO Forum; AMANI TRUST (Zimbabwe Human Rights NGO Forum, 2000-12-31)
    The report covers the areas identified by many political observers as being significantly related to the climate of discontent and discouragement felt by the Zimbabwean public at the time of the Food Riots. It also identifies ...
  • Commissions Watch 17 August 2019 ZHRC Press Statement on the Planned Demonstrations 

    Commissions Watch (Commissions Watch, 2019-08)
    The press statement was issued by the Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission on 15th August 2019 ahead of the mass demonstrations planned for 16th August.
  • Zimbabwe political violence & elections 

    RAU (RAU, 2018-04)
    This report focuses on how Zimbabwe has an unenviable reputation for being the most politically violent country in Southern Africa, certainly since the civil wars ended in Angola and Mozambique, and the independence of ...
  • Statement Condemning Violence 2018 

    Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission (Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission, 2018-08)
    (ZHRC/Commission) joins the nation and other peace loving Zimbabweans in condemning, in the strongest sense, the use of live ammunition and excessive force on unarmed protesting citizens by the army on 1 August 2018.