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  • Lancaster House Agreement 

    Government of Zimbabwe (1980)
    The Lancaster House Agreement was a political consensus which brought the independence of Zimbabwe from Rhodesian rule. The agreement came into being after a series of negotiations between the nationalist parties and the ...
  • National Unity accord and its Aftermath 

    Terence M. Mashingaidze (2005)
    In particular, it focuses on the Matebeleland crisis and highlights the inadequacies of the Unity Accord established to end the violence. These have spilt over into the present tensions and contradictions within Zimbabwe.. ...
  • NCA Proposed Draft Constitution 

    The Draft containes reasons why the NCA campaigned for a No Vote in the referendum of February 2000 such as the process and content. This draft seeks to address the key issues of governance in Zimbabwe and has taken into ...
  • Shortcomings of the Kariba Draft Constitution 

    Government of Zimbabwe (2007)
    This report analyzes the Kariba Draft Constitution,a document negotiated in secret in September 2007 and referenced in Article 6 of the Global Political Agreement between Zimbabwe’s three primary political parties. The ...
  • War victims Compensation Act 

    Government of Zimbabwe (1980)
    The Act consists of seven parts which are Preliminary, Commissioner of war victims compensation, Application of Act and claims for and entitlement to compensation, Compensation for Disablement, Compensation for death, ...
  • Zimbabwe's Constitution of 2013 

    Government of Zimbabwe (2013)
    This Constitution is the supreme law of Zimbabwe and any law, practice, custom or conduct inconsistent with it is invalid to the extent of the inconsistency.
  • BILL to provide for a new Constitution for Zimbabwe and to provide for related matters. 

    COPAC (2013)
    The Parliamentary Select Committee on the new constitution for Zimbabwe (hereinafter referred to as COPAC) was established on the 12th of April 2009 being comprised of Members of Parliament from the political parties that ...
  • Kariba Draft Constitution 

    Government of Zimbabwe (2008)
    BILL to provide for a new Constitution for Zimbabwe and to provide for related matters.
  • CISOMM six month report on GNU and GPA 

    CCISOMM (2010)
    The Six Month Review follows on the Annual Review which was launched in February 2010, in order to review and analyse the extent of implementation of the GPA by the IG in several critical sectors. This report, using ...
  • Principles on Effective Prevention and investigation pf Extra legala, Arbitrary and Summary Executions Institutional reform 

    Government of Zimbabwe (1989)
    Principles on the Effective Prevention and Investigation of Extra-legal, Arbitrary and Summary Executions Recommended by Economic and Social Council resolution 1989/65 of 24 May 1989.

    Zimbabwe Human Rights NGO Forum (2017)
  • NPRC Briefing November 2018 

    NPRC (2018)
    The National Peace and Reconciliation Commission (NPRC) is one of 5 independent commissions established by the Constitution of Zimbabwe to entrench a culture of human rights and democracy. Section 251 of the Constitution ...
  • The Guide to Understanding the NPRC 2nd Edition 

    NPRC (2018)
    The main goal of this guide is to ensure that citizens have access relevant, complete, timely, and understandable information about the NPRC.The NPRC has a very broad constitutional mandate. A constitutional mandate simply ...
  • Guide to the NPRC 2017 

    NPRC (2018)
    The main goal of this guide is to ensure that citizens have access relevant, complete, timely, and understandable information about the NPRC.
  • NTJWG Press Statement 

    The NTJWG invites Parliamentarians to begin a conversation on the process at constituency level to find ways in which participants who failed to participate in the public hearings in any way to hand in their recommendations ...
  • NPRC Bill H B 2 [2017] Factsheet 

    Changes noted in the new Bill include Ministerial Approvals were the new Bill creates a Commission which lacks administrative and financial autonomy. All provisions that interfere with the financial autonomy of the Commission ...
  • Analysis of the 2017 NPRC Bill [Final] 

    Government of Zimbabwe (2017)
    This bill is the successor to the National Peace and Reconciliation Bill H.B 13, 2015 (the old Bill) which was gazetted on 18 December 2015 and withdrawn from Parliament in May 2016 following criticism by the National ...
  • Transforming the Security Sector in Zimbabwe 

    Government of Zimbabwe (2018)
    The paper begins by outlining a basic framework of the traditional and modern concepts of the security sector with reference to global models and the African context, specifically the African Union Policy on Security Sector ...
  • HumanRights Rule of Law Democracy 2013 

    Government of Zimbabwe (2013)
    The overall aim of this report is to give you both a broad policy picture and a detailed inventory of events relating to human rights, rule of law and democracy that took place in Zimbabwe during 2013. The report mainly ...
  • Administration of Estates Act 

    Government of Zimbabwe (1997)
    AN ACT to consolidate and amend the law relating to the administration of the estates of deceased persons, minors, mentally disordered or defective persons and persons absent from Zimbabwe, and to provide for the control ...

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